Glass Dildos

Glass sex toys are made of high-quality, fracture-proof glass that is smooth to the touch and easy to clean! This durable sex toy material is built to last and is effortlessly maintained for endless sexual pleasure sex dolls for sale . Glass dildos are body-safe and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin.

There are a lot of accessories and clothes that you can buy for your sex doll. However, these clothes, especially the dark-colored ones, can stain the skin of your doll. For this reason, you should wash the clothes that you bought for two to three times or until the water that you washed it with is already free from color bleeding. mini sex doll A survey on the Doll Forum showed that 50% of the dolls were bought for non-sexual reasons, 7% said it was just for cuddling and sleeping with them, and 11% admitting they prefer dolls to replace of a human.

Petite, tall, with little curves in all the right places, that is cheap sex doll On the other hand, the reason for the surge in the demand for sex dolls can also be brought by curiosity. A number of adult retailers who reported that they faced an increase in demand and sales back in March thought that the surge was due to the attitude of people where they want to find something new. According to Stevenson, the customers who buy from Sex Doll Genie are not limited to single men and women. In fact, there are also couples who buy sex dolls because they are open to experimenting with a new thing while in quarantine.

5.41ft / 165cm Small Tits Sex Doll Thin Curvy Figure

There are times when you will use your sex doll in an inappropriate and rash manner. This can pose a structural hazard to your sex doll, resulting in damage like tears and abrasions.

High quality of real sex doll has on the market. These dolls can be either silicon or a thermoplastic elastomer. This is much more soft and very There is a feeling. The most important thing is that it provides just as realistic and perfect form a normal human being. These dolls can be adjusted. You remove the part of their body, you can fit according to your selection.

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