how heavy are sex dolls

The life size sex doll (also known as full size doll) will all weigh 66lbs / 30kg and above sex dolls for sale . These will be quite difficult to lift and carry around with you. Unless you are strong and don’t mind the weight, you should really reconsider one of the smaller dolls.

Our doll community, Asia sex doll, Europe sex doll, a small sex doll, Japan’s love of dolls, ebony sex doll, big ass sex dolls, such as male sex doll, realistic sex doll It is the perfect place to learn about. Our doll community, various ethnic groups, offers body weight, height, hair, also information about the manufacturer of Love sex doll. mini sex doll If you’re looking for a hideaway sex doll, you’ll want to go with the memory foam doll with removable limbs. Weighing only 9 kg, this doll is easy to lift even if you have trouble lifting heavier objects. Between the included holdall carrier case and the ability to remove the limbs, this body time makes the perfect easy storage sex doll.

The company’s co-founder also said that Sex Doll Genie, which is selling made-to-order, realistic-looking sex dolls, has received hundreds of more inquiries compared to their usual in the past two months. cheap sex doll The advent of pharmacological methods to adjust the testosterone is, because they are less effective and invasive in the same way, has become almost obsolete.

Doggy Style Torso Sex Doll for Men Masturbation

It remains your duty to go through the components of your sex doll keenly before going ahead to buy it. Also, look out for other chemicals like toluene, phenol, carbon disulfide, admium, and timethytin chloride. The above chemicals are also potentially dangerous to you and could pose many health hazards to you. Even when your sex doll has been labeled free of these chemicals, you still need to go through all the components thoroughly.

Our body-safe, platinum silicone is comfortable and flexible to accommodate all unique body types.

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