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Have sex with a doll in the morning and ignite your passion

Usually, women will deform after pregnancy, gain a lot of weight, and the waist fat is very obvious. They often blame pregnancy for body deformation, which is wrong. The biggest cause of female body deformation is that they do not adhere to exercise and lack self-management ability. Pregnant mothers must insist on exercise, because exercise during pregnancy can not only promote the healthy development of the fetus, but also help precious mothers maintain a good body shape, so as not to gain weight during pregnancy. Maintaining a good figure can not only maintain the charm of women, but also continue to attract her husband.

Many online stores are illegal. They bought a website frame, copied or taken some photos from other websites, and then posted it on their website. But this does not mean that they have good love doll quality. Therefore, we must learn how to recognize them. You can ask them some questions. For example: Where is your company? How long has your store been open? Who is the manufacturer of Love Doll? How long does it take to be a sex doll? If a store tells you that I can send it immediately, then you must be careful.

realistic TPE dolls

It is easy for your partner to accept your ideas. Before you want someone to accept your ideas, you need to open and accept some of them. When her ideas are approved, she will be more willing to accept your ideas. Therefore, you need deeper communication and more open acceptance. You can encourage your partner to share her fantasy with you, try and help her achieve it. When you accept or complete her fantasies, they will respond enthusiastically and actively and try to accept your ideas. When you try to show your fantasies about real sex dolls, they will be more open and easier to accept your fantasies.

Some customers will choose to use an electric blanket or electric pad to temporarily heat the sex doll in a short time, which is indeed effective and can make the sex doll warm. However, when you are ready to do so, I need to remind you to pay attention to the time to put the blanket on the silicone sex dolls. If you place the electric blanket or electric pad on the sex doll for a long time, the temperature of the electric blanket will damage the skin and cause irreparable losses. In addition, electric blankets or heating pads can only heat the limbs and skin of sex dolls, and cannot bring enough temperature to the three holes of life-size sex dolls. Don’t try to put the electric blanket into her hole, otherwise it will easily damage her vagina, mouth, etc.

realistic silicone dolls

Sex dolls are sex toys. Humans seek to meet their physical and emotional needs in a lonely journey. Sex dolls are usually made of TPE or silicone. They have a stainless steel skeleton that can complete activities close to real people. They have holes in the mouth, vagina and anus to meet your different sexual needs. Life like an adult doll can meet people’s changing sexual needs. Of course, she can not only meet your sexual needs, but also a qualified hearing partner, which is a feeling of respect.

Having sex in the morning can quickly ignite passion and minimize foreplay to enjoy passion. In addition, try not to drive in a short sex life. If you must drive, you need to rest 1-2 hours in advance. Breakfast should choose warm food that is easy to digest to provide energy for the body.

For him, the sex doll is his woman, not the real woman. He always buys various styles of clothes for dolls, dresses her as a policewoman, newcomer, lady, etc. and irons clothes. In the process of accompanying the real doll, he will unconsciously watch the doll’s “reaction”.

Speaking of the benefits of having a doll, some sex doll lovers said frankly: “Actually, one or two thousand dollars can’t catch up with such a beautiful girl, a goddess as beautiful as a sex doll has arrived. The rich, no one Ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars, and the doll is very obedient, no matter what you do to her. Marrying a life-sized sex doll, life is simple and free. For some others, they are good friends, soul mates, Life partners, etc., male sex doll are not just sex toys.

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