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How Do You Treat Your Sex Doll, What Kind Of Person You Are

How you treat your WM doll tells a lot about what kind of person you are. After all, these dolls are expensive and require maintenance to ensure they stay in good condition and are ready every time you need them. Your care and attention to the needs of dolls reflects how you care and take care of real women (or men) in your life. However, if you find that you are a caregiver misbehaving, don’t be depressed. Realizing this is the first step to change! Look at your doll, her condition, and think about how you treat it. If you find that you have failed in this regard, change your behavior!

Think about how your loved one treats you ideally, and imitate this treatment to a realistic sex doll. Yes, mutual masturbation is particularly useful when it comes to building trust between partners, because the level of intimacy is much higher than regular sex. If one party is worried that the two are getting closer, masturbating each other may help solve the problem and make each other feel more comfortable! You may be surprised, but mutual masturbation is a great way to enrich your sex life. Tie hands or legs to each other, and even blindfold them when they stimulate each other. You can use different tricks or toys without them to stimulate them to know where you touch them.

The story tells the story of a 27-year-old lone librarian named Lu who was sent by her employer to a remote island in northern Ontario. Her task was to catalog and record the library that a man named Colonel Cary had donated to the Heritage Institute before his death. The property was originally owned by a magistrate who was a 19th-century soldier with the same name as his descendants. In addition to the house and books, Cary also left behind their family pets. Pets are not the dogs, cats, birds, or hamsters you expect.

The Japanese silicone sex doll industry gave their sex doll a unique name: Dutch wife. Historically, this is because it is well known that Dutch sailors spent months on the high seas and tried to creatively solve their “loneliness” problem. They use cloth to make puppets to satisfy their desires. In French, in Spanish, sailors call them. Both terms can be roughly translated as “travel lady”. They will work with Dutch sailors to make these dolls out of leather, and hope to stop at the Tpe sex doll port and trade these works. To this day, the history of Dutch sex dolls is still closely related to the Japanese.

Each TPE finger of the uloversdoll silicone sex doll is supported by a steel wire inside. It is not recommended to bend the wires frequently, as this may cause breakage. Articulated finger joints can bend, which is not possible with normal fingers. Please do not use the doll’s hand to hold heavy objects or put the doll’s weight on her palm, as this may cause permanent damage to the TPE. The doll’s hands can be folded inward or outward by 45 degrees, but no direction can exceed 45 degrees. Don’t do a complete rotation.

When guests come, he will take pictures of guests and cheap sex dolls. Like his parents, he always hopes that others can praise his daughter: “So cute!” Sometimes, she is like his girlfriend, introduced to friends and treated them carefully, for fear of Aiwa playing too much with friends And “angry”. Sex dolls have different characteristics according to the manufacturer’s production technology.

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