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Dolls can make men more excited when having sex

Don’t bend a sex dolls for a long time, because it will deform her body. You can try to change her posture often, which will keep her in top condition. If you have a closet that can be hung in the closet, it is a perfect choice. When having sex with a sex doll, remember not to put too much pressure on her hands and wrists. You know, their design cannot withstand too much pressure and weight. Too much pressure and weight may cause them to break.

Maybe you think sexy lingerie is a bedroom-only thing, only you can see it, and you only need to wear it on her for two minutes, then you can take it off. If a man ’s sex doll is like a real woman, has emotions, feelings, reactions, and can express his thoughts, maybe they will tell you that underwear should not be regarded as such. Buy underwear and put it on to make the wearer look more beautiful; if she feels it, she will definitely feel good.

The testes have high requirements for temperature, and the temperature needs to be lower than the body temperature. Testes can secrete androgens and produce sperm, so protective measures should be taken to reduce the wearing of tight underwear and jeans, reduce the number of saunas, and do not stay in high temperature for a long time. Despite the pressure of work and life of men, they should not overwork the body, otherwise the sympathetic nerves will always be in an excited state, and the penis erection and sexual desire will be suppressed. When the body is overworked, it will affect the sexual welfare index and weaken the sexual ability. Reasonably arrange work and life to avoid overwork and heavy physical work.

Many online stores are illegal. They bought a website frame, copied or taken some photos from other websites, and then posted it on their website. But this does not mean that they have good doll quality. Therefore, we must learn how to recognize them. You can ask them some questions. Where is your company? How long has your store been open? Who is the manufacturer of Love Doll? How long does it take to be a all sex dolls? If a store tells you that I can send it immediately, then you must be careful. The perfect companion for people, its structure is similar to real people. She can satisfy many of your fantasies through your partner’s sexual fantasies and postures, but your partner may not be able or willing to help you. More importantly, she will not contradict or criticize you. With it, you can satisfy yourself without relying on your own hands. Every lonely night is full of fun.

realistic TPE dolls

The sooner you communicate with your partner, the better. As you communicate, you will become more familiar with each other’s inner thoughts and preferences. If the ideas of the two parties are different, you have more time to discuss and correct. But this does not mean that you can share your quirky preferences with your partner on your first date. You need to ensure that this relationship is mature and stable before you can be honest. When you start exploring your fantasies with your partner, you need to do everything about sex dolls in advance to better share and communicate with her.

Although a woman’s bed cry can make a man more excited when having sex, they need to know that any movement requires a certain level of stimulation. If women sing too much during sex, it will make men deliberately disguise. This method of pleasing each other is easily counterproductive, which will cause the man’s sexual desire to decline after perspective, and affect the quality of sexual life. Both husband and wife must maintain an intimate relationship in order to enjoy high-quality enjoyment for each other. However, some couples look at their phones or do other things when they are having sex, which can make the other party lose credibility, easily hurt each other’s feelings, and even quarrel. Therefore, when making love, you must devote yourself to it, let go of your work or mobile phone, and make the other person completely happy.

The built-in full-body heater is a custom function. Its design allows you to feel the warm temperature of the entire sex doll. The whole body heater does not mean that it will be full of temperature, but it can cover the critical areas you need, such as the vagina, mouth, etc. It can improve your experience and serve you better by filling the temperature in these areas. This is a function in the body of the doll. This is a custom option. It needs to increase your purchase budget. Many people think that the doll must be heated, so the silicone sex dolls needs a built-in heating function. Actually not. You can heat it in another way, for example, you can heat it by inserting a heating rod into its vagina, mouth, etc.

The advantage of night love is that you can often experience the sexual pleasure brought by different heterosexuals. When you enjoy a bed in one night, there will be a sneaky feeling, which can increase sexual stimulation. A bedside table allows you to change your partner every time, and it is fresh every time. Therefore, one night’s standing will give you enough emotional and physical stimulation to meet your needs.

realistic silicone dolls

What you should pay attention to when having sex in the morning. First, before and after having sex, after one night, the body is dehydrated and the blood viscosity is relatively high. If you have sex immediately, it will hinder the erection of the penis and reduce the production of semen. In sexual life, the energy and water consumption of the human body is also very obvious, which will make the blood more and more viscous, and even induce hyperlipidemia or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, if sex occurs immediately, you will not be able to transfer metabolites and nutrients in the body in time, nor will you be able to eliminate fatigue caused by sex, so you should drink plenty of water before and after sex. Only when the body has enough water intake, it can stimulate hormone secretion, so that people have a satisfactory sex life. Drinking a glass of water before sexual intercourse can maintain penile erection and prolong menstruation. Drinking a glass of water after sex can quickly replenish the water consumed by the body, reduce blood viscosity, and prevent urethritis.

Many people are willing to believe that sex dolls have souls, at least they can be given souls. In 2007, there was a documentary in the United States that loved me and my tpe sex dolls. I interviewed those who chose to accompany inflatable dolls for life. The interviewees said to the camera: At first, only sex dolls have sex with real people, but slowly , I just want to sleep next to her and admire her. I don’t care at all because I am not alone. Another interviewee said that you can also see that I will never be with a real woman in my life. The doll saved me.

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