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Please do not move your sex dolls roughly

Please do not move your sex dolls roughly. As you know, sex dolls are very heavy because they have a strong metal skeleton to determine their size. Therefore, please remember not to drop or hit heavy objects while carrying. You cannot use sharp objects on her body or overstretch her limbs, as this will damage her skin and the bones underneath. Because the love doll is made of a metal skeleton, she has many fixed and movable joints, and she will be flexible enough to perform various poses for you. But be gentle and not too rough, otherwise the joint screws will loosen and the baby’s limbs will move.

Dress up sex dolls in sexy lingerie. However, when it comes to sex dolls, unlike humans, she does not have to go out to work or shop, has no social activities, and does not have to own too many types of underwear. She will only go out if the owner puts her in a car or wheelchair. Therefore, for her, some basic underwear may be enough, because she spends most of her time at home and in the bedroom.

The male reproductive organs are always in a wet state, which provides a good environment for the growth of bacteria. It is easy to cause scrotal eczema or jock itch, which may reduce male libido and self-confidence for a long time. Before and after sex, please carefully clean the reproductive area, keep the area clean and dry, and choose breathable underwear. The real sexy doll will make you relax. Every time after work, people like to sit on a very soft sofa, which is really comfortable. But sitting for more than 30 minutes will cause certain damage to the scrotum, increase local temperature, delay blood circulation, affect the production of spermatogenic cells, reduce sperm quality and testosterone production. Do not use it for a long time, but sit on a soft sofa to avoid serious damage to the reproductive system. Stand for 10 minutes every half hour.

How to choose a reliable sex doll store? Unfortunately, when you are looking for sex toys, you will see many sex toy stores on the market. Everyone wants to spend all their money on sex toys for value for money. However, until you receive sex toys, you can’t feel their quality. So, how do you know which store is more reliable? So, how do you choose a reliable sex toy store? These are the author’s 3 tips. As long as the following three suggestions are followed, I believe you will not buy fake love doll.

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How do you allow sex partners to accept sex dolls? Everyone who wants to have a real sex doll should understand that if you want to have a sex doll, you will not feel scared or embarrassed. If you want to better satisfy your sexual interests, the husband and wife must be able to communicate openly and fully understand each other ’s hobbies and fantasies. Only when you know each other can you enjoy the fun of sex dolls together, and let sex dolls increase the interest of couples.

Couples should pay attention to these taboos when having sex. What should couples be taboo in terms of sex? First, call someone. Taboo others’ names when having sex. It reduces the other person’s sexual desire, making them more likely to quarrel and even divorce some of them. Using realistic and cheap TPE love dolls can not only enhance sexual desire, but also make you less lonely. Therefore, you must pay attention to whether there are others in your heart. When having sex, no other heterosexual names will appear except for the names of others.

How to heat your sex doll? When the weather is too cold, you will not feel the warmth of the doll, which will make you feel more lonely. If you can only feel the cold temperature of the doll, you will not be able to enjoy the sex doll experience. When you heat up a sex doll, it will give you a more real and warm feeling, and the sexual experience will be more perfect. Because of her real life structure and real experience, many people like sex dolls. In fact, many sex doll owners regard sex dolls as real people and their own real life partners. There is no doubt that the doll’s heating function makes it more natural and real. This is why everyone buys sex dolls with heating.

Which is better, a bedside table or a silicone sex dolls? One night stand, experience fresh and exciting sex. Night bed is a way of life that people constantly seek to stimulate. It is more popular in romantic and gentleman style Europe. Men ’s desire is more affected by body chemistry and needs to be released in time, while women ’s desire is more affected by the brain and needs to be fully reflected. Silicone love dolls can help them stay fresh. Therefore, men pursue stimulus and freshness in a one-night stand, while women pursue emotion and hope. Night bed is a way for men and women to vent their sex, and it is also a way for many people to find stimulation.

What are the benefits of having sex in the morning? After research, it was found that from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m., the time of the highest testosterone secretion, that is, the time with the strongest sexual desire, sex in the morning can make the couple more confident. What are the benefits of having sex in the morning? Morning and your lifelike love TPE doll can make you full of vitality. There is a penile erection, which is a vent of sexual activity. Because the secretion of androgens is very strong in the morning, it can stimulate sexual desire and penile erection. Many men like to have sex in the morning, because the penis erection is easy and lasting, which makes men more confident in sex. After a night of rest, he felt energetic and relaxed.

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In addition, having sex in the morning can bring unexpected benefits, can reduce insomnia, improve resistance, immunity and antiviral ability, reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and heart disease, and delay aging. In addition, early bedtime can reduce PMS, protect reproductive health and help disinfect the vagina.

Photographer Li Sen is 58 years old. He is from Guizhou, China. He is good at taking unique pictures of dolls and is called Uncle Li. Playing with adult dolls brought a second spring to his divorced life. For him, sex dolls have surpassed sex toys and become the driving force for his active life. He plans to remarry a 34-year-old girl next year.

Because he often takes dolls out to take pictures, his dolls are more famous locally. During the New Year, he took her along the road to sell New Year ’s goods. Did you know that the business is good? He said: The male sex doll is bought to spoil her. If you treat her well, she will return your beauty to you. No matter how much you love her and how many beautiful clothes you buy for her, real girls or women are different. , They may put a green hat on you.

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